Satal de Rihannsu (satal) wrote,
Satal de Rihannsu

A Good Day to Live

The world can breathe a little easier.  Thank you, Mr. Obama.  I look forward to January 20th.

Nine Inch Nails was an incredible act, a religious experience.  And three-quarters through the show, he stopped introduced the band, and said something along the lines of, "Even though tonight has been incredible, there's no way to follow up the excitement from last night.  Looks like I'm going to have trouble thinking of things to write about now.  I've used anger and pain as a source of inspiration all this time..."

Unbelievable.  Also, I got to be on the radio!  After the show, Haley and I went to WNRN (totally cool public rock radio station in Charlottesville).  A cool hip-hop show called Boombox was on, and DJ Illustrious hd me come on and do a "shout out."  For about three or four minutes, he mini-interviewed me about the show, about Obama, and I had a very fun time.  ::grin::  DJ Illustrious called me pretty on the air.  ::big goofy grin::

Anyway, gotta finish up for DFC.  Nekocon tomorrow!  If you' re there, come see the Demon Fart Cabbage boothe!  We've got incredible stuff this time, and the fabulous Yayoi Neko (mangaka of Incubus, and the artist whose art I've stolen to make my new favourite LJ avatar).  Come see us!  Buy our stuf!
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