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Ooo, goodies.

So, this is PayPal's competitor? I likey. I likey a lot. Now I just have to get others to use it. So far, reading through the fine print, I like it a LOT more than PayPal. Also, the sign up bonus is awesome. So, you sign up, you get $25 dollars and I get another $10. No strings, no weird shit. And I was able to transfer it into my bank account. Also, no fees for receiving OR sending money.

The only question, then, is how the hell do they make their money?

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I'm in the midst of exam season. It's been a rough one. Here's a quickie rundown of what's in my life:

Cat and I are doing couples counseling. I suppose that's a good thing. And Cat has been making concentrated efforts to not be a screaming howler monkey. It's great. Now we pretty much have discussions instead of screaming matches. That helps me, at least, a thousand times. While I know that Cat functions far more on emotion than I do (and sometimes it seems that I have no emotions at all), it still is helpful to hear information in a calm tone.

School is about to be over. Thank the gods. So grateful. I am starting to burn out a little. A little? A hell of a lot! The levels of DUM (sic) are too great to handle at times.

I finally let myself realise that Cat is never going to be quite as quick as me in matters like mathematics or the typically scholarly fields. It sounds silly, but for some reason this came as a huge blow. But I'm getting over it.

A crazy neighbour of my parents has threatened to kill the new puppies. Now they have to be fenced in all the time. Not because they were on his property -- rather, because they're SCARY. Puppies!

My mother's health has taken an ongoing turn for the worse. She has severe pain throughout her body and can't do anything about it. Since it's somatic in nature, painkillers in general don't do shit. So, instead, she drinks AND takes painkillers. She's quickly spiraling into alcoholism, which is terrifying. Throughout my life, she has been adamant in the dangers of drinking since I come from such a long line of alcoholics. So now, when I go over to her house unannounced, she is inevitably squiffed. Before a few weeks ago, I had never seen her even slightly tipsy in my life. She's now hiding her drinking habits from me, has taken wine in a cup on the road with her while driving, and even demanded more from me after falling over. It's terrifying. She passed out one day while cooking and nearly burned down the house. As it was, her birthday presents on May 1st were new cookware to replace the burned up pots.


And then there's the grandmother. She's evil. I'm rarely believed. Even if you do believe me, she's more awful a creature than you can realise.

Finishing up reorganising for Demon Fart Cabbage. I really need to go pester Andrew. I'm thinking he will never actually be a good webmaster. Not because he's technically bad -- simply that he doesn't care. ::shrug:: I don't suppose it's his responsibility. But I need to take care of it so I don't keep referring people to a dead web site.

However, I'm otherwise happy about all we've done with DFC. I hope that soon I'll be able to post awesome pictures of stuff. We've now got a grab-bag idea under way with mini-plushies. It's damn cute. There will also be short comics in origami shapes available. Kick that! I also got ALL THE PRINTS DONE. And cheaply! We decided to lower our prices, too. After Nekocon, we realised we were waaaay too expensive. So, I am excited about Animazement.

At Amnimazement, we will have a plushie-making panel as well! Cool, hunh?

Endless ramble, no substance. Want to write a lot. Too tired and exam tomorrow. ::over dramatic sigh::
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