Satal de Rihannsu (satal) wrote,
Satal de Rihannsu

Animazement 2008

Holy mother of all that is holy and crap holy crap! Animazement was more fun than I can possibly condense into pretentious text.

We arrived for the Thursday pre-con, which was wonderfully chill-out fun. Got to see Sketch-y and her crew -- our pals from Nekocon. We went ahead and set up the table, which is now bright, shiny, and banner-ful. Yay for Thursday, because we actually went to BED that night.

Staying at a hotel away from the convention kinda sucks, but we dealt with it all right.

Some of the highlights of the con included, but were not limited to:

  • The "BELIEVE IT!" Narutos
  • The Beer Gladiators
  • The Steampunk People of Hotness
  • People Willing to Wear Amaterasu (Okami) Costumes at a Sweltercon
I'm so very pleased.

In any case, some pictures of the DFC's voyage to Animazement are posted here:

DFC loves you Animazement, and has already signed up for next year.
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