Satal de Rihannsu (satal) wrote,
Satal de Rihannsu

Thoughts on Creating Characters for Writing

I find myself enthralled with two-dimensional, symbolic characters. Throughout my education, the two-dimensional character has been an object of derision as incomplete, stock, imitative, or otherwise faulty. Only the domain of comic books. But I find them a treasured resource -- a series of idealised concepts with voice and structure. Admittedly, I like my bad guys to have a reason (even if only sheer greed) aside from evilness alone. Unles, of course, the villain is an embodiment of vileness. Perhaps a vicious demon? Maybe what I love are 2.6-dimensional creatures prancing across my story page. There is a bit of depth beyond a single characteristic. But everything about the character may be driven by that part in some way. Reducable characters. Foldable characters? In any case, it's as Gaiman wrote in American Gods Each person has a tune, a song that marches them along. May my paladins have joyous and righteous marches, my intellectuals have music with tick tocks and curious fiddles, and my adventures be scored by John Williams with an orchestra made up entirely of trumpets.
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