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Make Foundation happen

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

It's exam time, and I find myself coming back again and again to Wikipedia. It may not be a formal resource, but it's like having a less farty senile old uncle who knows where to get the good information, or helps reshape your research question.

Please donate, even if only a couple bucks (I gave $5), as a gesture of what you want in the world. Here is an easily updated object that can be easily referenced, doesn't take up a lot of desk space, and is otherwise, well, invaluable. Oh yes, and also has great entertainment value!

Issac Asimov would have been very proud to see Foundation actually happening, I think. Me, I'm hoping one day every article can be read aloud by Majel Barrett, and I can just say, "Computer, cross-reference David Bowie with the Hezbollah" and get the perfect answer to whatever my question was in four seconds.

All right, pimping over. Back to the exam studying thing.
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